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Clutch Distribution warranties any legitimate wood manufacturing defects such as warps and
wood delamination. Because wood can warp in a very short time, depending on how the wood is
stored and the geographical climate of said storage after receipt of the wood, any warped board
received must be reported to your contact sales rep immediately upon receipt for warranty
consideration. We do not warranty warped boards after a short period of time from which the
board(s) were received.

Delamination warranties are only valid on unbroken boards. We do not warranty breakage of
boards. We do not warranty print defects, however, with any print defects, depending on the
severity of the print defect, a discount on the print value of the board(s) may be negotiated with
your contact rep at Clutch Distribution’s discretion (this does not include art set up fees).

To file a warranty claim, please submit your claim immediately upon receipt of your defect along
with a picture(s) of the defected board, the invoice in which the board was purchased, size and
shape of the board, and the quantities of defected boards. All defects must be returned to the

factory for inspection before any credits are issued to your account. Clutch Distribution will
provide return shipping labels.


Any returned product that does not fall under the factory defect policy may result in additional
shipping fees and/or deactivation of your account profile. Please be sure to contact your rep if
you have any issues or discrepancies once you have received your order.

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