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Who is Clutch?

We eat, sleep and bleed skateboarding just like you! From our reps, board shapers, artists, factory workers, and even one of our accountants - we all ride what we sell. The process goes like this: we dream up the shape, design it, lay it up, cut it out, throw it right under our feet and shred it. Once our highly skilled skate team approves it, we top it off with the most important part, we send it out to you; our customers. After your approval, it's a wrap. The shape gets put into our line up. It's the main reason our company stands alone as the absolute best wood and shapes you can buy for your brand. 

We never stop testing and improving our product and certainly never top listening to your feedback. It's a mutual process that we have perfected in our first 10 years. It's also the reason we can proudly stand behind our deck quality, shape options, customer service, turn around times, unique finishes, all the way down to the incredible price! We are the best in the industry and we just can't be way, no how.

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